Matthew Lue-Hue
Founder/Owner of One On One Pro
Matthew fell in love with sports from a young age. The feel for competition and the testing of abilities against an opponent within a governed game was always thrilling for him. Hockey, track, football, wrestling were a few of the sports he enjoyed (and were fairly good at). These sports came pretty easy to him. However, Matthew’s deep love for basketball emerged in his early teens.  It was the one sport he wasn’t all that great at.  No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t figure out what the problem was. He then became fascinated with the technical side of the game and wanted to learn everything he could to improve. He studied the game inside and out, started reviewing various techniques and strategies to build skill, and while he was learning all these great lessons, he found himself teaching it to others, which is where his coaching ambition developed.

As he grew more and more fond of the teaching aspect of the sport, He decided to get his coaching certification with the National Coaches Certification Program of Canada (NCCP) and continued updating his skills and knowledge of anything related to sports development through their courses, studies in both college and university, and through various mentors in the field.

These past 15 years have been a journey for Matthew.  The teams he’s coached, the students he’s taught, and the relationships he’s built are such a big part of his life and he is very passionate about what he does.

Summary of Credentials

  • I have been a sports coach for 16 years.
  • Under the NCCP system, I am certified level 1 in multiple sports such as football, soccer, and hockey.
  • Under that same system I am certified level 2 of 3 in basketball which acknowledges my ability to coach from youth to the college or university level.
  • I have coached basketball at the middle school, high school, Rep, AAU and PHYBA levels.
  • I am trained in First Aid and CPR from levels A to C(infant to adult).
  • I am trained in making ethical decisions, sports nutrition, building sport/fitness programs under the NCCP.
  • Under the NCCP I am also trained in leading drug free sport, managing conflict, psychology of performance and the prevention and recovery of injuries (equivalent to the NCCP's level 3).
  • I had been in the fitness industry for 6 years started with taking Health and Fitness Promotion at Humber College and worked in fitness establishments such as L.A Fitness.
  • Was a personal trainer for 4 years training high school athletes.
  • I studied Health Management at York University  with a pre-med focus where I studied psychology and the anatomy of the human body.
  • Completed the NCAA Eligibility course under NFHS( National federation of high school sports) USA.


You don’t always get what you wish for, you get what you work for.
— Unknown