One on One Pro: The difference between Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Every athlete, especially in sports such as basketball, knows they need to have speed, agility and quickness. However many have gotten confused as to where they differ based on that they are all interrelated concepts. Despite that there are athletes far and between having all three naturally it is key to understand what these concepts are to improve on existing feats to peak on the big stage.

Speed is the ability to move as fast as possible in a linear direction. Working on speed usually involves sprints or side stepping to lateral speed

Agility is the ability to change direction effectively while moving at a linear speed. Changing direction in sport is key to success and many athletes overlook that having a strong core is the key to balance and stability which allow the body to train and build agility. Good agility drills include cone drills and obstacle courses.

Quickness is the reaction time of the body to make a move of a series of moves. it is the reaction to a unpredictable response in a game. Developing quickness can be achieved while doing speed drills and agility drills

Its important to understand that agility and quickness are applications of speed but can not be viewed as the same or trained the same.Getting training in sport development would provide not just knowledge but a program that would work on all three concepts effectively and safely 


Matthew Lue-Hue


One on One Pro Sport and Conditioning

Football in Ontario... Time for a culture change

Football in Ontario... Time for a culture change

Ever hear this one? “Hey kid your tall, fast and athletic why don’t you come out for the football team?” Or this one, “Hey kid you’re a big boy why don’t you come out and play some O-line for us”. The list goes on and on, as a matter of fact some of you parents that played the game may have been told some of the same things.

I’m not saying that being asked to play sports based on size and athletic ability is a bad thing, but that’s usually where the development begins and ends.

Mind you there are some coaches that teach their players “watered down” versions of football fundaments but is that enough?

It’s known that Ontario has a wide range of elite and super elite athletes compared to the other provinces and I think football coaches in Ontario have been spoiled for quite some time.

While our next-door neighbors Quebec has been leading the way in player development for quite some time despite the lack of elite level athletes.

Due to Quebec’s over all dedication to player development they have become an epicenter for the most fundamentally sound players in the nation, or as Laval Rouge et Or head coach Glen Constantine in an October 2014 Newsweek article says, “Quebec is sort of the Texas of Canadian high school football.”

As big as Ontario is along with the number of athletes we should have that moniker of being the “Texas” of Canada.

I think its time for a change, we need to stop being comfortable with simply having the best athletes and incorporate real fundamental training from the peewee level all the way through high school.

This can be done through grassroots efforts from former players and coaches that understand what it takes to become an elite level player.

Our mission at One on One Pro is to create a program for athletes from ages eight to 18 where they can develop positional /overall skills and academics.

If you want to be the best player you can be or if you are a parent looking to aid in your child’s development as a football player then One on One Pro is the right fit for you.

Wonder why I care as much as I do?

I was that athlete that had to rely on athletic ability rather than proper fundaments.

I would love to see this cycle of wasted talent end, How about you?


Kheon Clarke

Former CFL Prospect and Football coach




Creating Basketball Highlight Footage That Gets Noticed

Creating Basketball Highlight Footage That Gets Noticed

Basketball Training is not only just about skill building but also about how you showcase your skills and your transformation. As part of the One on One Pro package, highlight footage is created and attached to an athlete's profile on the website for coaches to see.  Basketball highlight footage is a great way for coaches to view potential prospects who live in other areas of the country or world without having to travel a long distance to see them. Usually, it is best to play in high profile tournaments but not every coach in the world can be where you are, so highlight footage is a great way to build that interest.  

How To Get More Playing Time

How To Get More Playing Time

I played basketball for 8 years competitively and coached the game for 12 years after that. Something I can say from being on both sides of the coin is that kids look at coaches much like our school teachers; authoritative heads that are from another planet. We don’t think of our teachers and coaches as people. Well, realize that your coach just wants to be in a good working environment where things run smoothly just like you. As a basketball player the process of trying to read your coach is key



Many athletes ask me, ”why do I need such high grades if I’m going to school for sports?” or say, ”I’m only going to school there for a year then I’m going to play professionally” or my favorite “I'm going to make lots of money, so who cares if I finish school?”  I'm also pretty sure these thoughts crossed your mind as well, and I'm here to let you know that this mentality is a big problem!  Having good grades as an athlete is crucial for reasons I will get into soon, but first let me just say that many of the athletes that have said these things to me were very misguided in thinking that as a professional athlete you'll make good money and be set for life.  This is furthest from the truth. The main reason for needing good grades is:



Not everyone can be born a natural athlete, gifted with the ability to make picking up new concepts, plays, and overall skill look easy.  And if you're anything like the rest of us, you know you have to try everything you can think of to try and improve your basketball skills.  This article is going to make becoming a better basketball player lot easier.